Danielle Moore has spent the last 16 years dedicated to the education of children and teachers alike. During her 13 years as a classroom teacher, she has had the opportunity to study and implement a variety of different instructional approaches such as writing workshop and guided reading so as to provide differentiated instruction to meet the diverse needs of her Title 1 students. She further worked to develop her ability to implement best practice models of teaching for her students, as she earned her Master’s Degree in Multicultural Education and Language Learning.


Outside of the classroom, Danielle began working as a mentor teacher for the Cotsen Foundation; this allowed her to support fellow teachers in the implementation of instructional approaches such as Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop and Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) in math. She did this by fostering and leading a professional learning community among teachers and supported teachers’ implementation of new practices through lesson planning, demonstration lessons, co-teaching and debriefing with her colleagues.


As a result of Danielle’s CGI experience with Cotsen, she was recruited to work for the UCLA, Math Project. In this role, she was responsible for training hundreds of teachers in CGI and providing on-site demonstration lessons to better support teachers’ understanding of how to implement CGI in their classrooms. She also worked with site principals, in order to ensure that they have the tools necessary to support teachers as they implement CGI. Finally, Danielle was responsible for creating ongoing professional development courses around CGI and the Common Core State Standards in Math.


Danielle currently works as a CGI consultant for schools across Southern California. She supports these schools by providing on-going professional development workshops, developing curriculum plans with staff members and modeling research-based best practice models for instruction. Although her work at school sites is focused on math, she also addresses how to effectively meet the diverse needs of students by discussing approaches to support English Language Learners and addressing the reading comprehension skills that students need in order to become competent and confident mathematical problem solvers.

I thought I knew what good teaching was until I saw great teaching in action. I want all teachers to see what the best in education has to offer so that they in turn can bring it to their students.

Danielle Moore, Founder